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CDA Consulting is a London-based International Consultancy, specializing in the provision of high end strategic PPP expertise to Government institutions and their agencies, on infrastructure finance & Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in public infrastructure.

We provide strategic advice, technical assistance; and develop the capacity of decisions and policy makers, on Infrastructure Finance and PPPs in Energy, transportation, water & sanitation, as well as in the environment & natural resources sectors.

The firm’s key assets are a dedicated team of specialists whose skills, qualities and commitment, have enable us to create value, trust and credibility with both clients and partners. It is this generated value, trust and credibility that remains the backbone of our continuous competitiveness.

our expertise

CDA Consulting infrastructure finance and PPP expertise spans the whole PPP Project life-cycle, covering:

PPP Framework Development (Designing & developing PPP policy, institutional framework and PPP Law),

PPP project Organization (including setting up the PPP Unit & PMUs),

PPP Project identification, selection and appraisal,

PPP Risk Assessment and Contract Structuring,

PPP Procurement up to commercial and financial close,

PPP Contract Management, Auditing, asset hand back & Ex-Post evaluation.

Infrastructure Policies & Institutional Reforms

Public Infrastructure sector Policy concept & design,

Sector diagnostic, reforms strategies & Institutional Framework Design

Restructuring, liberalization and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Utilities pricing and subsidy policy and design

Institutional Reforms , Regulation of Public Utilities & Services delivery

Institutional Frameworks : Audits , Re-design and Recommendations

Utilities Operations, Enterprise & Asset Management

Utilities Due diligence and Turnaround strategies

Operational, Administrative and management Strategies

Utilities pricing and tariffs review and re-design

Utilities Cost Recovery strategies & best practices

Setting standards and performance targets,

Benchmarking and performance improvement planning,

Asset management, Maintenance and Capital investment planning,

Infrastructure Finance & PPPs

Identification, Selection, Developing a Programmatic PPP landscape

PPP Framework Development: Policy, Institutional framework & Law

Infrastructure Investment Analysis & Feasibility assessment for PPP

PPP Project Risk Assessment, Valuation, Allocation and Structuring

Value for Money Assessment, Affordability and Cost Benefit Analysis

Project Finance & BOT Projects Structuring & Advisory for PPPs

Project Finance & PPP Financial Modelling

Revenue Bonds Advisory, Structuring and Issuance

PPP Procurement Advisory: Process Design, Advisory and Bids Evaluation

PPP Concessions Drafting and Review

PPP Agreement Monitoring, Auditing, Mid-Term Reviews and Renegotiations

PPP Project Asset Hand Back & Ex-Post Evaluation

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